Reviewing a Match

matches 1

matches 2

matches 3

You can click the “Matches” tab to see a list of potential candidates.  You can also see an overview of the amount of candidates who have matched, been invited, rejected, accepted, or declined in the top right corner of the screen.

Here you can see a list of candidates.  You are able to see the date that each candidate matched as well as a PATH score, Qualification score, and Preference score in comparison to your DNA and job listing.  You are able to see the status of each candidate, whether or not they are a veteran or student, as well as have access to message them directly through the platform.

Matches Step 4

From this page, you are able to see a more detailed view of the candidate.  You can access their contact information and resume, if they are provided.  You are also able to see their detailed PATH results, skills & experience, as well as preferences. You can use the “Exclusive Link” button at the top of the screen to send a link to the candidate’s info without needing login credentials.You are able to filter through matches by clicking on the “Filter” tab.  You can filter based on Status, PATH score, Qualification score, Preference score, or by Unread Messages.