How can I get more job matches?

The best way to get more job matches is to give it time. Employers are joining GoodJob and posting new jobs every day! You can also edit your profile to make it more likely you’ll get matches:

  1. Widen your compensation range. Not counting QuickMatch jobs, we only match you with jobs that pay what you want to earn. If you’re flexible on what you’re willing to make, you may receive more matches. (That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t know your worth!)
  2. Expand your geographical horizons. GoodJob is growing state by state. Add more locations to get the potential for more matches.
  3. Consider more industries or career fields. Aside from QuickMatch jobs, industries and career fields are dealbreaker questions. If you choose more, you’ll be considered for more matches.
  4. Add more skills. Job skills are the secret sauce for GoodJob matches. Be sure to add as many of your skills as you can think of and rank your proficiency in each of them. If you don’t see a skill in our database, let us know